As Product Manager:
- I worked closely with the IT team to take the application from conception to launch;
- I worked with UX/UI designer to the best user experience by exploring many different approaches to solving end-user problems;
- I created flows on Miro to help define the user experience;
- Together with the CPO, I prototyped the entire design of the app, by analyzing competitors and defining priorities;
- I coordinated the communication among all the different departments;
- I coordinated the launch 
- I wrote user stories.

As a Quality Assurance Manager:
- I coordinated the test by leading a team of 6 people;
- I tested the application to ensure high quality standards were met;
- I defined the acceptance criteria.

As a Product and Quality Assurance Manager, my role was to oversee the design, development, and launch of Telecare - a telemonitoring app that enables chronic patients in home care to collect and communicate their vital parameter data with their General Practitioners (GPs) in real-time. Our goal was to create an app that catered to two main programs: COVID and heart failure.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
My first task was to map out our competitors and understand which features were needed while prioritizing how we could communicate information to users without causing alarm. It was crucial to ensure that users were aware of the information they entered, given that any value outside the threshold could create anxiety for both the user and their doctor. As a result, we designed the app to allow users not to make mistakes when entering data, which was essential to guaranteeing an impeccable user experience (UX) that does not create errors or alarmism in the user.
To tackle this challenge, I identified three key questions we needed to answer:
- What data must be entered to ensure complete telemonitoring?
- How can we guarantee an excellent UX that ensures data accuracy without causing alarm to users?
- How can we ensure that the data entered by patients using medical devices is accurate and not altered?
Using this framework, I started mapping out our competitors and identified the best features to incorporate into our redesign. This involved creating detailed streams of different features and functionalities of each app and documenting everything on Miro. Together with our UX/UI designer, we started mapping out the app flows and designed the application.
Based on the app flows that I designed on Miro, the UX/UI designer created the Figma wireframes, and we iterated through several versions until we guaranteed a quality user experience.
After designing the app, I coordinated with the development team to ensure communication between different departments, ensuring that any backend problems could be overcome or circumvented. Finding solutions to problems is one of the most significant challenges for a product manager, especially when they seem impossible to resolve.
Once the prototype was complete, we conducted extensive testing to ensure that the app was fully functional and easy to use. We also implemented security protocols to protect personal information and sensitive medical data since patient data protection is critical to any healthcare application.
Finally, I coordinated communication before the launch, ensuring that all internal departments were aligned, and our site documentation was up-to-date, so that users and clinicians were prepared for the app's release.

- Elevated patient satisfaction as reported in post-launch surveys.
- Provided patients with easy access to medical information and resources.
- Boosted the number of patients actively using the digital care program resulting in better disease management and prevention.
- Improved user retention as a result of personalized content and tailored experience.
PERSONAL KEY TAKEAWAY (I'd never thought I'd have been able to achieve)

- I worked closely with the UX/UI department to ensure a perfect user experience
- I identified key questions to answer, mapped out competitors, and designed app flows to ensure an excellent user experience.
- I coordinated with the development team and found solutions to problems that arose during the design process.
- I conducted extensive testing to ensure the app was fully functional and secure.
- I communicated with internal departments before the launch to ensure everyone was aligned and prepared for the release.

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